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Thank you for visiting our site. 4C's Gypsy Horses is a family owned & operated gypsy horse farm located 30 miles south of Oklahoma City in Blanchard, Oklahoma. The ranch is situated a top a ridge overlooking 27 miles of the Washita Valley and surrounding country side.  Where better than this to raise these beautiful creatures called Gypsy Horses. We are “hands on”. We handle and groom our horses daily, take care of all their physical needs, work with our foals from the moment they are born, but most of all we love, cherish, and adore these magical Gypsy Horses.                          

  Since I was a little girl love of animals has controlled my life, but my dream was to own a horse ranch. After raising four wonderful children I turned my passion to a little white breed of dog called Bichon Frises. I have four—Cotton, Candie, Cubbie, & Citrus, (they are my babies, my loves, my dolls--4 C’s get it), but I still longed for my horse ranch. I saw my first gypsy horse on “Riding Across America” TV show and was mesmerized. I immediately got on the internet and looked at every site that had a gypsy horse. I could not stop looking at these beautiful horses. I had to have one!!

  We purchased our ranch in September of 2006, and I immediately went to work figuring out how to bring Gypsy Horses to Oklahoma. CDF Miss Daisy began our intoxicating obsession with this breed.  She will always hold a very special place in my heart.                                 

We are very active members of The Gypsy Horse Registry of America (formerly known as The Gypsy Cob Society of America). Our love for this breed will forever keep us dedicated to the preservation of quality Gypsy Horses. Sharing information and stories about these fabulous horses is my favorite pastime so ask me anything at anytime. My email address is cottoncandieh@aol.com or call me at 405-485-2988.

Love and Prayers Always & May
Gypsy Gold Follow You Home

Brenda & Randy Hearon

“Gypsy gold does not chink and
glitter, It gleams in the sun and
neighs at night”


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