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'89ers Day Parade in Norman

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We received a special invitation to the 2013 89ers Day Parade in Norman!! Loved having Alice Holmes drive Corky and loved having her grandkids help and join in on the fun!!! I rode Maladi, first time I've ever ridden in a parade!! Hallie rode Kelly Girl and Clarissa rode Gypsum!!
Minnesota Horse Expo

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Yes this year Randy and I traveled to the Minnesota Horse Expo. Such fun and such a warm welcome!! We enjoyed it so much we even purchased a new living quarters trailer while we were there!!!!
2013 Blanchard St. Patrick's Day Parade

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Can you say 2 parades in one day!!! Straight from the OKC Parade to the Blanchard Parade in record time!!! What a day and what fun!!!
2013 Oklahoma City St. Patrick's Day Parade

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This year 4C's Gypsy Horses joined the parade as an individual horse entry. We had an amazing time as usual!! Lots of horses and lots of helpers this time around!!! Chris and Jack Hicks also joined us with Fancy and Shrek!!  
2013 Equifest of Kansas

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One of our favorite Expos is the Equifest of Kansas. This year we brought Kelly Girl, Gypsum, and Boomer, and our bright fun little handlers Shelbie, Cylen, and Hallie along with fweet-fweet aka Candie (One of the 4C's bichons). Kelly Girl and Brenda represented the Gypsy Horse in this years Feathered Friends! and what an awe-inspiring demo that was!! In the Gypsy Horse Division Cylen & Shelbie led Boomer, Hallie rode Kelly and our wonderful Equifest Gypsy Chicks A & B aka Audrey McKenna & Bailey Pollard rode Gypsum and Kelly!! Always a great time we look forward to this Expo every year!!
2013 GHRA World Show

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The Gypsy Horse Registry of America’s World Show has crowned new World Grand Champions every year for the last 5 years during the Fort Worth Stock Show, but this year was a very special year for a very special little girl and horse.

Kelly Girl and Hallie had been practicing since November for the Youth English Riding Class at the GHRA World Show. Although Hallie has been showing horses since she was 5 she had never competed in English riding classes and although Kelly Girl was 10 she had never been shown at any kind of show. Hallie and Kelly competed well in the Youth English Class the first night placing fourth and third in Youth Showmanship, but they had no idea what was to befall them in the upcoming days. Brenda reluctantly entered Kelly Girl in the Halter Mare Class after Hallie asked to show her in the class. Hallie dressed in her sparkles and bling and Kelly Girl with her amazing mane flowing stepped out into the arena amidst a myriad of oohs and aahs. With the professionalism and perfection of the professional trainers she was showing against this little 9 year old set her horse up for the three judges. The crowd roared when Hallie and Kelly Girl’s number was announced first place in 5 and Over A Mares. But that wasn’t all Hallie and Kelly Girl went back into the arena for the Senior Grand Championship Mare and again Hallie and Kelly’s number was announced for the Grand Champion Senior Mare. But that still wasn’t all!  They went back in the arena for GHRA World Grand Champion Mare and once again the magical number 561 was read and Hallie and Kelly Girl had won again!!!

4C Kelly Girl and Hallie were then presented the prestigious “Chywoon Stud Trophy” which is awarded to the Grand Champion Mare. In Chywoon’s opinion these mares are the future of the breed and the quality of America’s home bred stock. The winner is proof that a breeder understands the sense and purpose of this unique breed. What a dream come true for this little 9 year old girl and her beautiful 10 year old mare.

The next day word had spread as the stands were packed with spectators waiting to see if the 9 year old and the mare named Kelly Girl that had won Brenda’s heart in 2007 and now was winning more hearts in 2013 could continue their success. The cameras were flashing and visitors were cheering as the duo won again and again. Hallie and Kelly Girl took first place in Broken Color Mares and Youth Western Pleasure. Brenda Hearon with 4C Finn & Fable’s Feather took first place in In Hand Trail and that is a class that Brenda has never lost with a horse she has trained. Corry Hearon with yearling colt 4C Rockin’ Red Boomer placed 2nd in the 2 and Under Stallion class. 4C’s was also awarded the first annual Best Decorated Stall.

Two thousand thirteen will be a year that will not be easily forgotten for 4C’s Gypsy Horses and little Hallie Hearon!!

Blanchard Christmas Parade

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The beautiful horses of 4C's made their presents known at the Blanchard Christmas parade. Corry drove Miss Daisy, Brenda was driving Corky, Hallie was riding Kelly Girl, Clarissa rode Gypsum, Chelsea was leading Boomer, and David was leading Blue Boy. What a great way to usher in the holidays!!
Lawrence Old Fashioned Christmas Horse Parade

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 Costumed horses and wagons traveled from as far as Oklahoma and South Dakota to participate in the 20th annual Lawrence Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade, and spectators likewise came from miles around to see it. One of few horse-drawn parades in the Midwest, it drew 113 official participates this year, meaning more than a thousand riders paraded down Massachusetts street. 4C's was on of those participates joining the Kansas City, Missouri Feathered Friends Group. The Feathered Friends include Shires from O'Bannon's DunRovin' Ranch. Gypsy Horses and Clydesdales from Thornhill's Gypsy Horses & Clydesdales. A Drum Horse which is owed and ridden by Michon Houston, Gypsy Horses and an honorary gypsy miniature donkey from Gypsy Park, and 4C's entry CDF Heza Corker.

Mustang Western Days Parade

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We love parades at 4C’s so when we were invited we jumped at the chance to participate in the Mustang Western Days Parade. This Parade and Stampede is held each year on the first full weekend following Labor Day. Crowd size is estimated at 30,000 due to the many events and attractions bringing in visitors. This is a large parade with over 150 entries. 4C’s was represented in the parade by CDF Heza Corker driven by Corry, with Ava, Emory, and Bella working the crowd with their blingy cowgirl and cowboy outfits and their waves and bright smiles. 4C Little Gypsy Fable was ridden by Hallie as they strutted down the parade route. At 4C’s we always look forward to presenting the Gypsy Cobs in parades and love the people we meet and memories we make.

2012 Oklahoma State Fair Gypsy Horse Show

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The “Littles” as they are affectionately called by the Hearon family and friends competed in the Lead Line class at the Oklahoma State fair in September. The line-up of youth for this class was amazing with 8 entries so the judge had a difficult job ahead of her. As she studied each entry for their horsemanship and riding skills her decision became clear. Sparkling little 5 year old horsewoman, Isabella Hearon, riding the ever-experienced CDF Heza Corker was presented first place. Following in third place with his skills of working the crowd with his waves and wide smile was 5 year old Emory Smalley riding his trusty steed 4C Little Gypsy Fable. Taking the close fourth place ribbon was super horseman 6 year old McHale Howell showing his riding ability on a borrowed horse the handsome SK Keaton’s Charm. Finishing out the Little’s line up in fifth place was the extremely talented blinged out cowgirl Ava Smalley riding the dazzling 4C Lion King’s Nala with little 4C Nala’s Mirakole tagging along behind. What a successful show for the “Littles” of 4C’s Gypsy Horses! A special thanks to Michelle Simono for riding and placing 3rd on Corky in the large open walk trot class and for all the help!

Mother's Day Out Visits 4C

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4C's Welcomed Mother's Day Out to the Farm on a warm summer day. Activities for the day included a grooming, saddling & bridling, & a harnessing presentation followed by carriage rides, horse rides, a hay ride, & a picnic lunch under the cool oak trees.
Cement 110th Birthday Parade

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4C's received a request for us to attend the 110th Birthday Parade in Cement on May 26th. We loaded up the trailer and off we went with Corky, Feather, Gypsum, Fable, Randy, Brenda, Corry, Coebe, Shelbie, Gracie, Cylen, Hallie, & McHale, and we were even joined by Emma & Alex & family. Brenda drove Corky, Emma rode Fable, and Gyp & Feather followed along. Great Parade & Great Fun!! And then the best part we won FIRST in the Equine Division!! Yea 4C's.



Red River Classic Horse Show

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4C's once again competed in the Red River Classic Horse Show. This year the show was moved to Oklahoma City. Corky & Gypsum back from drive training and Feather participated in the show. Feather was shown by Cylen and they did a fantastic job finishing second in halter and third in youth showmanship. Gypsum finished 1st in halter and Corky and Hallie finished third. Corky and Hallie also teamed up in the youth walk trot where they claimed second and won another 2nd in youth showmanship. Corky had his 1st driving debut and he and Brenda finished second!
2012 St Patrick's Day Parade

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Again 4C's Gypsy Horses were invited to participate in one of the largest parades in OKC. We were one of over 130 entries and our entry placed 1st in the Equestrian Division. Daisy pulled the grandkids in the wagonette. She absolutely loves participating in parades. Aurora made her parade debut and did great for her first time off the farm. Princess and Feather also joined in the fun, and Corky carried several riders. All eight of the grandchildren made their way down the parade route which covered over 3 miles. And then we were off to the First Annual Blanchard St. Patrick's Day Parade.
Emory's Birthday Surprise

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What a great Birthday Surprise!! On February 26th there was a knock on Gypsy Horse Registry Youth Emory Smalley’s door. He was met at the door by 4C Little Gypsy Fable. Fable was there to give this special little birthday boy a birthday ride. Emory rode Fable around the town and proudly wave to passer by’s. Fable is Emory’s favorite gypsy horse. Emory even shared his special ride with sister Ava Smalley. Of course as usual Ava tried to still the show! As Emory hugged his Fable he was heard saying “This is the best birthday ever!”

2012 Wichita Equifest

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2012 Equifest in February was quite a new experience. This year we took the boys, McHale and Emory. Cylen also went. We took Fable and Gypsum and once again we had a wonderful time with family and friends. The boys rode Fable and Cylen helped Pappy lead them. As usual we had a great time and look forward to next year.
2012 GHRA World Show

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World Show News. At the 2012 GHRA World Show in Ft. Worth during the Stock Show 4C Barrington & Beauty’s Beast placed second in the 2 & Under Stallion class. Beast was also the Junior Stallion Reserve Grand Champion. Beast’s performance at the show was amazing. He stood quietly with perfect form. Gracie with yearling filly 4C Passionate Golden Princess finished 3rd in Youth Showmanship, 6th in 2 & Under Mares, and 3rd in Solid Color Mares. Hallie who has competed in the World Show now for 4 years showed yearling filly 4C Finn and Fable’s Feather. Feather and Hallie placed 2nd in Youth Showmanship and 2nd in 2 & Under Mares. Both girls and fillies displayed amazing professionalism in the show ring even throughout a bit of pandemonium.  The 9 month old & 7 month old fillies stood quiet with their handlers providing them with calming assurance.  Great Job once again girls! 

Randy's Custom Gates

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While I share a love for horses with Brenda, I also like using my hands to create one of a kind pieces of art, like custom gates. I fabricated the white gates for our main entrance from materials we had at our Steel Company in Oklahoma City. I have decided to share this artwork and now offer my services. I can build off of your idea or I can design for you. I am working on another Gypsy Horse gate now but the sky is the limit! So whatever your love is I can make a gate you can be proud of. Thanks, Randy. For more information email me at randyhearon@aol.com or call my cell phone 405-306-2273.

Just got finished with my new creation for Kathy Ramey in Kansas City  "THE TIMONE GATE"!

Our trip to SD Farms in the UK

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This past summer we were fortunate enough to get to go to the UK and visit SD Farms Gypsy Cobs. Stevie Down and his family are the largest Gypsy Cob breeders in the UK and they have been breeding traditional Gypsy Cobs for generations. Stevie and his family are true Romany Gypsies and their heritage runs deep.

It was totally mind blowing seeing the hundreds of gypsy cobs, but what was truly amazing was listening to Stevie and his children talk about the horses and their blood lines. When asked what they knew about this horse or that they could tell you anything you wanted to know. Their passion and love for these horses that has been passed down for generations is so untouched and so special.

Being surrounded by legends like The Rocking Horse, Wooly Mammoth, Jim, Jack, Flash Harry, Blackjack, and I could go on and on can only be described as unbelievable. I felt like I was in a dream and the dream only got better when they harnessed up The Rocking Horse. Then the next thing I knew was riding along side Josie and she was handing me the reins. I was actually driving The Rocking Horse!!

Stevie and all of his family welcomed us into their fields, their barns, and their home and we feel very blessed that we were invited to share a piece of their lives. The time we spent with  Wylleen May, Stevie Down, and all the Down family was a sheer pleasure and honor that will not ever be forgotten.


The Next Generation

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The next generation of 4C's youth took the Oklahoma State Fair by storm. McHale, Emory, Isabella, & Ava made their riding debute in the leadline class. Five year old McHale on Miss Daisy led the way into the arena with the crowd cheering. Then entering the arena waving and blowing kisses was our next rider, 4 year old Emory riding Fable. Next in, riding Corky was 4 year old Isabella who wowed the crowd with her reining skill. Last in, in a class of six participants astonishing the crowd, was 3 year old Ava riding Maladi.

OOOhs and AAAhs from the audience followed these youth around the arena until they rode up to their positions to be judged. Then came the judge's almost impossible decision. 5th place Emory & Fable, 4th place Ava & Maladi, 3rd place McHale & Daisy, and in 2nd was Bella on Corky. What an amazing and remarkable future 4C's Gypsy Horses has.

Gypsy Driving

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What better to do on a lazy hazy summer Sunday afternoon than take a gypsy horse out for a drive. Daisy, Corry, Hallie in pic #1, Corky's first drive in pic #2 & #3. Daisy pulling our new wagonette with Corry driving and Gracie and Bella enjoying the ride!!
World Show (Pinto)

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Corry, Gracie, Hallie, and Ariel with Miss Daisy and Corky competed at the World Pinto Show this summer. Corry and Miss Daisy won reserve world champion pleasure driving. This was Corry and Daisy's first time to drive at a show!!!! Hallie and Corky won reserve world champion youth riding trail, western pleasure riding, & showmanship. Yea! Hallie!!! Ariel & Miss Daisy won world champion open english riding trail and reserve world champion western riding trail. Great job Ariel!! Gracie and Miss Daisy won world champion youth riding trail, western pleasure riding, & showmanship. Gracie was also World Champion High Point Overall Youth for the Utility Division!! Congrats Gracie and Daisy!!!!
Spring 2011

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Well here on the farm we have had a busy and exciting spring; three new babies Tilly, Beast, & Feather and one more due in June. We have made a great addition to our breeding program adding Harlequin Aurora. We are starting to breed our mares for 2012 foals. Check the Website often for the upcoming pairings. We have attended a very success Red River Classic show, and now we are readying Miss Daisy and Corky for the World Pinto Show in June. We have an equine intern coming the end of May to serve her internship with us this summer. School’s almost out and I am really excited about working with the horses. Fable and Corky will begin their drive training, Nala will begin ride training, the grandkids are picking out their horses to work with, & everyone will get lots of attention.  Dreams can become reality!!!

Wichita Kansas Equifest

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4c's attended the Wichita Equifest again this year. Making the trip was Corky and Maladi along with granddaughters Shelbie, Gracie and Cylen. With the stands near capacity Cylen made her Riding debut on Corky and Gracie rode Maladi. The cameras flashing and the crowds applause encouraged  these two young ladies to smile big and set up tall while they confidently rode in the arena! Shelbie kept the stalls and aisle clean in the barn and all three girls enjoyed the pool and hot tub at the hotel after a hard days work at the Equifest. A big thank you to A & B (Andrea & Bailey) for all their help during the expo!!!
2011 GHRA World Show

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4C’s Gypsy Horses made yet another trip to the GHRA World Show during the Fort Worth Stock show. This year we sized down a bit so we could enjoy the show a bit more. Maladi and Corky made the trip. Granddaughters Gracie and Hallie wowed and surprised the crowd with their riding debut. They looked like miniature professionals in the show ring and were greeted with lots and lots of praise from fellow showmen and the audience. What a bright future these two girls have in the Gypsy Show World.


Corky and Hallie placed 3rd in Youth Walk/Trot, 2nd in Halter Gelding, & 2nd in Born in the USA Stallions/Geldings with 11 entries. Corky and Layla Smith finished 4th in a class of 14 in Open Walk/Trot. Maladi and Gracie placed 4th in Youth Walk/Trot, 2nd in Halter Mare 5 & Over, & 3rd in Broken Color Mares in the class of 18.

Next year’s expectations are for granddaughters Shelbie & Cylen to join Gracie & Hallie in the show ring. And in the near future grandsons McHale & Emory and granddaughters Isabella and Ava will be joining in too. 4C’s is boasting quite an exciting future!!


A special thanks to Layla Smith of Blanchard, OK and Garrett Smith of Wichita, KS for performing on Maladi.


Wichita Falls Horse Futurity Expo

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What a fun and relaxing time we had at this expo! Brenda, Randy, Cylen and Hallie loaded up Maladi and LadiBug and off we went to Texas. We were on breed alley with eight other rare breeds. Hallie rode Maladi and Cylen led LadiBug in the main arena. We had plenty of visitors with plenty of questions about the Gypsy horses.
Miss Daisy in the Draft Horse Journal!!!

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Exciting News!!!! Our Miss Daisy is pictured and featured in the summer issue of the Draft Horse Journal. Judy Brodland is a photo journalist who will be sharing her love of gypsy horses in articles for the DHJ. The DHJ is circulated in 20 foreign countries as well as every state in the union and all territories of Canada. It is the LARGEST draft horse publication in the world. We are privileged, honored, and sooo excited to be a part of this article. Thank you Judy!!! Click on this link to read the article:  https://www.drafthorsejournal.com/read/summer2010/feature

Oklahoma State Fair

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We are starting to call the Great State fair of Oklahoma our second home! Over the last three years we have entered a total of 24 Gypsy Horses in various classes! We had another successful run this year with the grand children adding several more ribbons to the collection! 4 year old McHale made his riding debut winning a second place ribbon in lead line while his older sister Cylen won First! Coebe, their mother/our daughter also made her showing debut winning third place with Ladibug in weanling/yearling halter class, and second with Maladi shown by Shelbie in the Mare and foal class. Ladibug was a hit with all the visitors putting on a show in the ring and the stall! Placing second in two different classes on two different horses was Layla Smith riding Corky and Scarlett. Renee Nail, the grand kids riding instructor, placed 3rd riding Scarlett. Over two days  Shelbie, Gracie, Cylen and Hallie helped unload eight horse trailers from as far away as Canada! We were trying to be gracious hosts in any way we could and the girls were exhausted. We were very happy with their efforts! We had several complements on their hard work. We couldn't make this show happen without all the help form our children, grand children, Layla, & Renee!

Western Days Parade

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4C's Gypsy Horses, Inc. recently participated in the Western Days Parade in Mustang Oklahoma. Miss Daisy and Scartlett Lace were our two entries with the grand children taking turns riding them. We were voted 1st place commerical float and recieved a very nice plaque!

Celtic Horse Show in Stillwater

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Shelbie Howell & 4C Flashy Maya amaze the crowd with their first place finish! Eight year old Shelbie Howell with 4C Flashy Maya in tow beat out 7 other contestants for the blue ribbon in Trail in Hand at the Celtic Horse Show in Stillwater. Trail in Hand is a class that is made up of different obstacles that the contestant must maneuver their horse through. Shelbie and Maya executed the obstacles with amazing grace and perfection. Shelbie’s cousin Gracie Hearon finished a close third with her horse 4C Little Gypsy Fable. The Trail in Hand Class was made up of Adult participates with the exception of Shelbie & Gracie. Fable took first in Halter Mare shown by Hallie Hearon with Maya shown by Gracie finishing second. Maya ridden by Cylen Howell, Fable ridden by Hallie, and Romany CR ridden by Gracie took first in Lead Line. Fable also placed first in Western Pleasure and Western Equitation with Layla Smith in the saddle. Congratulation Girls!!! Maya and The horses of 4C’s Gypsy Horses will also be competing in the Draft & Gypsy Horse Show the first weekend of the Oklahoma State Fair.

Red River Classic Show

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April 29th thru May 2nd 4C's Gypsy Horses attented the Red River Classic Morgan Horse Show.  NEW FOR 2010 - THE ADDITION OF GYPSY HORSES! The show was held in the Hardy Murphy Coliseum in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

In just his first outing 4C Lord Calidore's Gypsum placed 1st in 3 different classes Halter Stallion Under 3, Broken Color Stallion, & Amatuer Halter with Corry Hearon as his handler. Corry went on to win the High Point Amatuer Award.

Shelbie Howell with 4C Flashy Maya finished a well deserved second in Youth Showmanship. Shelbie's smile as she received her ribbon was what this is all about. She told me coming out of the ring that she couldn't quit smiling. Maya also finished 3rd in Amatuer Halter & 4th in Most Hair with Hallie Hearon as the handler, and 3rd & 4th in Halter Mares under 2 & Broken Color Mare with Gracie Hearon as her handler.

4C Little Gypsy Fable won 1st in Solid Color Mare & 2nd in Halter Mare 3 & over. 4C LK's Suleo placed 3rd in 2 & under stallions. Both were handled by Brenda.


St. Patrick's Day Parade OKC

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Gypsy Horses Win The Second Place Trophy at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

ERIN GO BRAGH! Everyone have a Great St. Patrick's Day. And 4C’s Gypsy Horses had a fabulous St. Patrick’s Day at the 28th Annual Oklahoma City’s Saint Patrick's Day Parade. Representing 4C’s and decorated with green sparkling shamrocks was CDF Miss Daisy, 4C Flashy Maya and 4C Little Gypsy Fable. Chinkapin Gypsy Ranch in Skiatok was represented by Jagger and Tulian. Miss Daisy led the Gypsies with Penny Collins in the saddle. Hallie and Gracie rode Fable and Cylen rode Maya with Shelbie leading her down the route. The parade began at Walker and Sheridan and proceed East down Sheridan into Bricktown. It was a grand day of Irish music and laughter and of course green. 4C’s enjoyed being a part of welcoming the “Greening” of spring to Oklahoma City.



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4C Windsor Trail In-Hand GHRA World Champion

January 29th thru 31, 4C’s Gypsy Horses traveled to Fort Worth for the prestigious GHRA Gypsy World Show at the Fort Worth Stock show. Representing 4C’s was 4C Little Gypsy Fable, 4C Windsor, 4C Flashy Maya, and 4C LK’s Suleo. We knew it was going to be a great weekend when we got to meet the Largest Gypsy Horse breeder, Steve Downs from the UK. We were also fortunate enough to meet his son Stevie and daughters Janey & Josie. What a pleasure it was to meet this family who have been breeding Gypsy Horses for generations. 4C Maladi and 4C Flashy Maya came from SD Farms, and I am proud to own two of their wonderful horses. The information they shared with us was invaluable, and I am honored to now call them friends.

Results: 4C Windsor World Champion In-Hand Trail by both judges; 4C Little Gypsy Fable 2nd In-Hand Trail both judges, 4th Halter Mare 3 & over, 2nd Solid Color Mare, 2nd Produce of Dam; 4C Flashy Maya 4th Halter Mare under 3, Eight month old 4C LK’s Suleo thrilled us with his 2nd place finish in Halter Stallions Under 3. All total we brought home 19 various ribbons!! The Classes were large and there was a great representation of Gypsy Horses. Thank you Jan and Priscilla for making all this possible, and thank you Carol Smitton-Minson for your fair and thorough judging.

Blanchard Christmas Parade

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Twas a few weeks before Christmas and out on the Gypsy farm all the horses were wondering who’d prance in the parade. Randy was planning on Miss Daisy going driving, but Brenda was reluctant to give it a try, and what about Maya and Maladi or Fable & Beauty maybe take Susan, Scarlett, & Windsor let’s not forget Suleo & Gypsum and of course the bell of the ball Miss Nala herself.

So up to Main Street the 4C’s Gypsy trailer traveled with four lucky Gypsies and their loyal subjects, too. As the trailer pulled in there arose such a gathering and the trailer doors were thrown open to everyone’s Ohs and Ahs. And what to their eyes do they see but the 4 lucky Gypsies—Miss Daisy, Maladi, Maya, & Fable.

Miss Daisy led the way pulling the cart. Maladi carried Cylen and showed Coebe the way. Maya walked proudly letting Gracie & Shelbie tag beside. Fable held Hallie with Richie & Reese following along, and McHale, Emory, Bella, Ava, Audra, & Julie looked on.

As the parade ended we heard the Gypsies exclaim Merry Christmas to All and to All a Happy New Year!!!!


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We’ve been busy~~~ Traveling to shows, clinics, and fairs. Up first was the OK State Fair with 10 horses! What a great time. We loved introducing our horses to everyone that came by and Randy even gave a lot of lucky kids a ride.  Then it was off to Indiana the next weekend for the Heartland Feathered Classic. We traveled with Mark & Marsha and took Fable, Splash, & Leo.  Meeting Albert & Amy Coates & Christopher Willett from the UK was quite a pleasure.  From there we loaded the trailer with Daisy & Fable Oct 1st and headed to Joplin for the Karen Scholls’ clinic. Amazing is all I can say about Karen. I learn so much every time I go to her clinics. Next up was the Tulsa State Fair where the 4C’s Girls performed their vaulting routines along with their teammates, coach, and of course Handsome Harry Houdini. The girls were simply amazing giving two flawless performances. Randy and I flew to Lexington, Kentucky Oct  15th-18th for the National Gypsy and Drum Horse Show. It was a great opportunity to be able to relax and just watch these beautiful creatures. Back home again I attended a clinic at Four Hoof Drive Ranch in Norman where we practiced extreme obstacles with Jet McCoy. I took Maladi and what a blast we had. Maladi and I jumped a jump that was 2 ½ by 2 ft!!!! She cleared it with ease and it was such a rush. Who says Gypsy Horses can’t jump????


2009 Oklahoma State Fair

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September 17th thru 20th 4C’s Gypsy Horses took the Oklahoma State Fair by storm bringing 10 horses for the Gypsy and Draft Horse Show. Although this was quite an undertaking we had a great time and survived the washing and grooming of Susan, Suleo, Scarlett, Gypsum, Windsor, Beauty, Maladi, Maya, Fable, and Nala. We enjoyed a very successful show and enjoyed talking to all that came by. Can’t wait til next year!!

Vaulting & Riding with Miss Darla

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The granddaughters of 4C’s Gypsy Horses—Shelbie, Gracie, Cylen and Hallie have begun a new discipline for gypsy horses. They have begun vaulting lessons with the Master Vaulting Instructor—Darla Ryder (darlaryder.com) along with the Premier Vaulting Horse—Handsome Harry Houdini. I approached Miss Darla about giving the girls riding lessons and she asked that the girls also join her vaulting team. They have been working with Miss Darla throughout the summer, and will be performing at the Tulsa State Fair in October. The team may also be performing at the Woman and Horse Expo in November at the Lazy E Arena. I look forward to training one of 4C’s gypsy horses to be a vaulting horse. Check back often for more updates, and to see which gypsy will be chosen as the Vaulting Horse.

Dibble Firemanís 4th of July Parade

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With sirens screeching, fireworks popping, & children screaming 4C Maladi and 4C Little Gypsy Fable pranced quietly and gracefully down Highway 37 with Shelbie, Gracie, Cylen, Hallie, and McHale on their backs. This was Maladi’s second parade and Fable’s first. Fable has not had any formal ride training, but she carried her young mounts carefully and with ease.  What wonderful ambassadors these two are for the gypsy horse breed and 4C’s Gypsy Horses.

Celtic Festival

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June 20-21st 4C’s Gypsy Horses attend the Celtic Festival at the Payne County Fair Grounds in Stillwater. The Celtic Festival is a yearly festival dedicated to celebrating our roots in Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Galacia, Brittany, Scotland, and Isle of Man with an exploration of the history, dance, culture, and music from the Celtic Nations. Irish dance, live Music, sheep dog demo, pipe band, Viking living history, and Celtic horse demos. Representing 4C’s at the festival was Miss Daisy, Maladi, & Fable. Following the demo Daisy and Maladi let the little ones jump aboard and gave lots of free rides. After the Gypsy Horse demos on Saturday we enjoyed a chili dinner with other Celtic Horse owners and discussed the possibility of having a Celtic Horse Show at this venue next year.

Scissortail Day Camp Girl Scouts Visit

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The Scissortail Day Camp, Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma visited 4C’s Gypsy Horses on June the 16th. Seventeen girl scouts, their leaders, and siblings joined us to learn about Gypsy Horses. After introducing and letting all the visitors pet and hug the horses, Brenda gave several demonstrations including saddling, harnessing, and grooming. The Girl Scouts and their leaders were given an old fashioned hay ride though 4C’s pastures by Randy and his big green tractor. The girls received packets to commemorate their visit that included color pages, a 4C pen, 8 X 10 photos of the horses, and Gypsy Horse information. Another enjoyable visit for 4C’s Gypsy Horses.

Texas Gypsy & Drum Horse Summer Classic

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Maladi, Maya, Shelbie, Coebe, Brenda, & Randy just returned from the Texas Gypsy and Drum Horse Summer Classic which was held June 13-14, 2009 in McKinney, Texas. This event was put on by the Show Your Gypsy Horse Club. This was Maladi & Shelbie’s riding début and they walked away with the blue ribbon in lead line. Shelbie and Maya finished second in Halter Yearlings, first in Costume Class, and second in Junior Showmanship.  Maladi finished first in Halter Mares 3 yrs. Old, third in Most Hair Class, & 6th in Color Class Mares. The heat was exhausting, but we enjoyed the show. We had a great time and enjoyed seeing and talking to all of our Gypsy Horse friends.

Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled Visit

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On May 29th, 2009 4C’s Gypsy Horses welcomed 41 visitors from the Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled. Their ages ranged from 18 to 60. From the looks on their surprised and happy faces I think that both the guests and the horses had a great time.  We at 4C’s hope everyone enjoyed themselves and enjoyed seeing the horses as much as we enjoyed having them come to the farm. After lunch under the shade of the tall oak trees our guests loaded their buses with Nala following along and headed back to Oklahoma City.

Black Forest Dispersal Sale

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We are back from Colorado and the Black Forest Dispersal Sale. What an emotional trip! We came back empty handed but with a renewed desire to promote and show off these amazing creatures. Miss Daisy, Susan, Maladi, Scarlett, & Babe were all purchased from Black Forest, and it is difficult for us to think that I will no longer be able to make that trip to see the gypsy horses. I’ll never forget that feeling when we were nearing the farm and all the horses come into view. It is undeniably one of the most beautiful, tranquil sites we have ever witnessed. I couldn’t help shed a tear or two or three when I saw Babydoll, Dinah, Babe’s sissy, and of course Candi. Dinah was the first gypsy horse I ever touched and from that moment we had a special bond. Every time I saw her after that she’d raise her head as if to say I remember you. We can only hope & pray that someday our paths will again cross
St Patrickís Parade

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The St. Patrick’s Parade was held this year on March 14, 2009 at 1 PM OKC with Irish and Scot in full force. For 27 Years Oklahoma City has been marching with the best in the St. Patrick's Day Parade. http://www.okcstpatsparade.com/ United Scottish Clans of Oklahoma has been there almost all of that time with the mass pipe bands The last few years USCO has added Scottie and Westies  http://www.okwestierescue.com/, Irish Dancers, athletes, and lots and lots of green. www.gypsydreams.com and www.4cgypsyhorses.com brought authentic Irish Horses. Splash, Jagger, 4C Flashy Maya handled by Shelbie Howell, and 4C Maladi handled by Hallie Hearon represented the Oklahoma Gypsy Horses, and wowed the crowd with their awesome beauty.

Gypsy World Show at FT Worth Stock Show

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4C's Gypsy Horses is now home to 2 world champions

4C Royal Beauty & 4C Little Gypsy Fable

Beauty in just her second appearance in the Trail in Hand brought home the First in a class of FIFTEEN. She had competed at the Oklahoma State Fair in Trail and won fourth place. Beauty also competed in Halter Mares under 3 year of age where she placed fourth. Fable brought home her First in Solid Color Mare in Hand.

CDF Miss Daisy also competed at the World Show in Western Pleasure and Halter Mares 3 and Over. She placed fourth in both and again the classes were very large. We are very proud of her efforts (She really doesn’t like going to shows).  4C Windsor placed Fifth in Trail in Hand, Sixth in Halter Stallions under 3, Fifth in Born in the USA and Multi Color Stallions where he competed with all the older stallions.

Unexpected Visitor

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On a routine Sunday morning in November we received a phone call from aconvenience store in town, someone was needing directions to our ranch. We had no idea of who our visitors would be. A short time later 2 cars drove through our front gates, one lady got out of one of the cars and the 2 cars left! How strange we thought. Brenda went outside and the lady introduced herself as Carin Herrick from England! She was in OKC for the World Quarter Horse Show. Carin said that she had found our website and wanted to see our "coloured cobs". Her friends were more interested in finding a place to eat breakfast, so we gave her a tour and visited for about an hour. Carin has gypsies and lives near Appleby-in-Westmoreland. What an exciting day this turned out to be. She has since emailed us and is sending photos of the Appleby Fair. She said she would be back next year and told us we had to come to England and attend the Appleby Fair.

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